Aquaroll Therapy

Aquaroll might look like a spa treatment from the outside – and honestly, it might even feel somewhat like one when you use it.

But despite appearances, Aquaroll is an advanced form of therapy that has helped many people find better pain relief, improved circulation, and faster recovery from many soft tissue-based injuries. It has been long used by professional athletes, and we’re proud to provide it to our patients as well.

If you have been struggling with sports injuries, nerve pain, arthritis, or other conditions, Aquaroll may be a recommended treatment for you.

aquaroll therapy

What Does Aquaroll Therapy Do?

Aquaroll therapy stimulates positive natural responses in the body through the manipulation of 30,000 tiny glass beads within a basin filled with warm water.

During a session, a patient submerges their feet within the water. The Aquaroll device will then create a controlled wave effect within the basin, causing the beads to shift, rotate, and vibrate against the feet. 

As the session continues, we might ask a patient to perform certain stretches and range of motion exercises with their feet and ankles. This further enhances the results of the session and aids in the conditioning of weakened or vulnerable areas.

How Can Aquaroll Affect Treatment and Recovery?

Aquaroll is a form of regenerative therapy, meaning its effects lie in triggering or amplifying the body’s natural healing responses.

The controlled action of Aquaroll and the way the beads compress and vibrate against the feet stimulates several natural responses:

  • Blood flow to the area increases – and with it comes more of the nutrients, growth factors, and other materials cells need to grow and conduct repairs. This can effectively accelerate natural healing.
  • Swelling is reduced. As more blood carries materials into the area, it can also carry more excess fluid out.
  • Pain decreases – both as a natural response to the actions taking place against the feet and ankles, but also over time as healing takes place.

Aquaroll may be recommended as a singular treatment, or as one part of a multi-part treatment plan. Our recommendations will largely depend on the nature of your condition, its severity, and any unique personal or medical needs you might have.

Many different conditions and injuries may benefit from Aquaroll therapy. A few of them include:

It can even benefit patients who have recently undergone a surgical procedure by accelerating their recovery time and reducing their potential exposure risk to infection.

Finding Relief and Recovery (that Feels Great Itself!)

Aquaroll has helped many patients find much-needed relief from pain and inflammation, as well as get them back to the action faster without additional risk.

We would be happy to discuss whether Aquaroll is the type of treatment you need, or whether other methods might better fit your specific needs. Schedule an appointment by calling our office or by filling out our online contact form.