Painful feet should never be ignored. No matter how old you are or what your current activity level is, foot pain can take away your ability to work, play, maintain your independence, or engage in activities you used to enjoy.

It doesn’t have to be like this! Foot pain is not normal, and Dr. Joel Foster and his team of experts in Lee’s Summit, MO are dedicated to helping people just like you relieve pain, prevent complications, and achieve your lifestyle goals.

Our office offers a comprehensive variety of foot care services, from tried-and-true forms of traditional therapy to some of the most advanced, cutting-edge procedures.

In-Office Diagnostic Imaging

Many podiatric offices can provide a digital X-ray or ultrasound imaging to get a clearer picture of what’s going on inside your feet. We take it a step further than most by offering a standing CT scanner.

Instead of a flat, 2D X-ray picture, the CT scanner can produce a full 3D model of the inside of your feet, giving us the most accurate and sophisticated view possible. And because you are standing and bearing weight during the imaging process, we are able to get a much better idea of the true alignment and biomechanics of your feet.


    HyProCure treatment is a minimally invasive surgical procedure designed to correct a common misalignment in the bones in the back of your feet. When your ankle rolls too far inward with each step, it throws not only your feet but your entire standing skeletal system out of alignment. Common consequences include flat feet, bunions, knee pain, hip pain, and back pain.

    Using a small incision (less than an inch long), we place a small titanium stent in the natural space between the ankle bone and the heel bone. This significantly corrects the biomechanics of the feet by preventing the ankle bone from rolling too far inward when you step.

    Previously, a fix like this would have required a major rearfoot reconstructive surgery, with a lengthy recovery window. However, the HyProCure procedure only takes about 20 minutes, and most patients are back on their feet and walking within a week or two. Because your body posture will dramatically improve virtually instantly, it may take a few more months for your bones, muscles, and ligaments to fully adjust to the corrected position.

      Therapeutic Laser Therapy

      Laser therapy is a safe, non-invasive, and extremely effective tool that we use to help patients recover faster from chronic pain, sports injuries, wounds, and even nerve pain.

      Light energy from the laser stimulates the cells in your body, which triggers natural biological and biochemical actions to fight inflammation and pain, boost circulation, and even accelerate the regeneration of healthy tissue, including bone.

      When incorporated into a comprehensive treatment plan, laser therapy can often significantly shorten the overall recovery period. It also is frequently an effective remedy for pain that has become chronic, allowing you to avoid the need for surgery.

      Regenerative Injections

      If you’ve seen a doctor for chronic pain before, you may have been given a shot of cortisone. This injection may provide significant pain relief for up to several months, but it won’t heal your injury. Unless you pursue other treatments or make significant changes, the pain usually returns.

      By contrast, the regenerative injections we provide are made using voluntarily donated umbilical tissue. Normally discarded after birth, this material is rich with nutrients and growth factors crucial for tissue healing. We’ve found it to be extremely effective at relieving pain from even severe, chronic injuries that haven’t responded to other treatments—and because it actually helps heal your body instead of just masking symptoms, the pain is much less likely to return.

      Minimally Invasive Surgery

      Traditional open surgeries require large incisions to fully expose the area being worked on. By contrast, minimally invasive surgical techniques require only very small surgical openings—just enough room for specialized tools and an endoscope (camera).

      Surgeries performed using minimally invasive techniques offer many significant advantages, including lower infection risk, reduced post-operative pain, less scarring, and even lower cost (since hospitalization isn’t required.)

      Conditions that cause bony prominences, such as hammertoes, are often good candidates for minimally invasive surgery.

        Orthotics & Bracing

        Feet often need extra support, cushioning, and stability to perform their best. And just like a nearsighted person can see clearly with the right pair of glasses, a person with foot pain or balance problems can often restore their feet and ankles to healthy functioning with the right set of orthotics or ankle braces.

        Because every set of feet is unique, the “orthotics” you can find at the pharmacy or grocery store typically will not give your feet what they need. Instead, come to our office. We carry a selection of high-quality arch supports that can be heat molded to provide a much more customized fit—for about the same price as a cheap, non-customized insert.

        For those with needs that go beyond what we can address with a heat-molded arch support, we also provide fully custom orthotics (made from a biofoam mold of your feet) and ankle-foot orthoses (braces) that combine arch support and ankle stability in one easy-to-wear device.

        No Need to Keep Suffering

        Whatever the source of your discomfort may be, you don’t have to keep suffering in silence!

        Treatment options are available that will help you get back to doing the things you love. Whether your case requires one of the advanced treatments listed above, or simply a new pair of shoes and a bit of rest and stretching, we’ll make sure your feet get precisely what they need.

        For quality care and a commitment to personal treatment that starts from your first step through the door and continues through every phase of treatment and rehab, please call Dr. Joel Foster in Lee’s Summit, MO at (816) 246-4222.