“I have always loved coming to the office; have never had a bad experience. Everyone in the office is always kind and caring. You have set a high standard for other offices.”

Joanna M. - Chillicothe, MO

“Each time I leave Dr. Foster’s office my feet feel 100% better. Much thanks.”

Jacob W. - Lee's Summit, MO

“This office is what all medical offices should aspire to. Excellent staff, fantastically clean and well run. They don’t waste your time!”

John G. - Lee's Summit, MO

“As a patient of Dr. Joel Foster for the last two years I am completely satisfied 100% with his services and also his office staff. This office is complete to help all patients!”

"Just One Happy Patient" - Independence, MO

“A very kind and knowledgable doctor.”

Wanda C.

“Last week I had ozone injections on the top of my right foot for pain from my arthritis. The pain level before the injections was a 10 all the time. Now if I get pain it’s a 2.”

Linda S. - Raytown, MO

The HyProCure procedure has helped many patients find lasting relief from pain caused by misaligned foot structure. Both young and old can benefit from this minimally invasive surgical treatment, as the story below from a parent who sought help for their daughter demonstrates.  

If you or a loved one is suffering from persistent foot or ankle pain, please don’t hesitate to contact us for the expert consideration and care you need. 

HyProCure Testimonial

“In 2016, when Aria was 4 years old, we were rear-ended by someone under the influence. 

As we recovered over the course of the next few months, I noticed that Aria’s balance was really off. I couldn’t recall if her balance had always been off or if this was a new development. She was also frequently tired when playing in any active way, needing to rest or asking to be carried. She often woke up in the middle of the night crying in pain because her legs hurt. 

I assumed it was growing pains or residual injuries from the accident. I started paying closer attention to when she’d wake up, what she’d been doing, physical milestones she should have been able to do by then that she couldn’t do – like skipping or balancing on one leg. I also noticed that her shoe treads were more worn out near the arch of the foot than is normally seen. 

When her night pain and balance didn’t improve over time and proceeded to get worse, I asked our chiropractor to take a look at her. He looked for all of five minutes and immediately handed me a brochure for Dr. Joel Foster. He said we definitely needed someone who specialized in feet to take a look at our daughter. 

Dr. Foster saw us in 2016 and confirmed that Aria indeed had misaligned feet and would be a good candidate for the HyProCure stent. Because she was only 4, he recommended that we use inserts in her shoes and see if that improved function and pain at first. Obviously, if we could manage it and she was doing well without the surgery, then we didn’t need to proceed with surgery. 

A few months later we followed up and, while we had seen some improvement, Aria was still in a lot of pain. Aria loves to dance and has since she was 2. She was frustrated by not being able to do things in her class and because a 30 minute class without her inserts caused so much pain, she would sit in the car sobbing.

We needed to save up in order to move forward with the procedure, which we agreed to do when she was 5. In October of 2017, Aria had her first stent placed. She was incredibly brave and Dr. Foster was SO kind and gentle with her. Nine days after her first procedure she was up and walking around in the boot. Six weeks later she had her second stent placed and just a few days after that she was up and walking on that foot. 

Overall, I think full recovery took about 4 months for her, but she was very wary of walking, running, jumping, etc., afraid that it would hurt. It was just a few months after her second procedure that she finally skipped for the first time in Ballet. Aria, her ballet teacher, and I cried, we were SO proud of her. The summer following, she went to her first Girl Scout camp. She walked ALL DAY long, we’re talking at least 5 miles total. She was exhausted, but there were no tears that night because her legs didn’t hurt!

It has been 4 years since the procedure was done and she still says that she is glad that Dr. Foster did her procedures. She says that she wouldn’t be able to dance and hike and run a mile and jump and play like she does if he hadn’t. Aria dreams of being a dance teacher someday.” 

– Erin Beauchamp

“Great and patient staff! The entire office, staff and doctor were thoughtful and genuine.”

Katie G. - Lee's Summit, MO

“This group is the finest group I have ever been a part of. I recommend them to anyone who has a problem with their feet. They are the best!”

Earl R. - Lee's Summit, MO

“It was probably in 2006 when Dr. Foster used a foam mold to make my custom orthotics. During the office visit, I would have expected to have been standing on each of the forms to create those orthotic impressions. However, not the case–and in the past 11 years I have never doubted that he used the more accurate and beneficial method for that. I am still wearing that same set of orthotics, with a suede-like covering which is easily and regularly washed according to my activities–the covering has never loosened at all. This [orthotic] is by far cooler and more comfortable than the traditional hard plastic ones (which can also allow one’s foot to perspire, and slide on the slick surface).

Had I not found Dr. Foster and his technique, I would have had knee replacement and bunion surgery years ago. As long as I wear my orthotics, I now have no bunion, knee, or hip pain–or low back pain. If I have a day wearing dress shoes or shoes without my orthotic, I pay for it with intense bunion pain–and overall body pain that night and the next morning. These orthotics make a vast improvement in my energy and ‘how tall I feel.’ My husband had the same orthotics made and became free of plantar fasciitis pain and would never wear shoes without them.

I see so many people who seem to be walking in pain, pain which may just possibly be alleviated with proper foot, leg, and hip alignment. We so appreciate the pleasant and caring support staff [at Foot Care Specialist Joel D. Foster, DPM].”

Jean D. - MO

“I am a diabetic with foot ulcers. After 13 months of treatment involving four other doctors, my ulcers just would not heal or get better. I had infections in both feet and was in fear losing a limb or at best a toe. My cardiologist suggested I see Dr. Foster. Some of the best advice I got in my entire life, and I am 60 years old. Dr. Foster has my feet healed and moving in the right direction. … His practice and staff have shown me dedication in what they do.”

Herman D. - Raytown, MO

“My husband and I are both patients of Dr. Foster. We have been very pleased with the care and professionalism received. He is thorough, explains procedures, uses the least invasive treatment first and patiently addresses our questions. I have recommended him to many friends. He also has an excellent staff.”

Geneva L. - Kansas City, MO