HyProCure for Heel Pain from Flat Foot

Are you watching your life go by from the sidelines due to persistent foot, knee, hip, or back pain? Are you no longer able to stay active, play with your kids, or do the things you love? The problem may be misaligned feet.

At our Lee’s Summit office, we see a lot of people with a common problem called talotarsal displacement, which is a misalignment in the bones of the back half of the foot. This often causes a gait abnormality called hyperpronation. Essentially, what that means is that when you take a step, your ankle bone falls out of line with your heel, your arch flattens, and the front of your foot turns too far outward.

Fortunately, we offer an advanced solution to treat this misalignment. It’s a minimally invasive surgical procedure called HyProCure, and it can dramatically improve, eliminate, and even prevent pain. Foot Care Specialist Joel Foster, DPM, is the only Atlas-certified podiatrist in Missouri who offers this treatment option for fixing pain from misaligned feet.

The Problem with Misaligned Feet

Because your feet are situated at the very foundation of your entire standing skeletal structure, misalignments and deformities can lead to pain and injury throughout the entire body. When your feet aren’t positioned properly, bones and joints throughout the body must adjust and compensate. Over the long term, that could lead to far ranging problems:

You can treat the symptoms of these conditions, but as long as the feet remain misaligned, they pain will keep returning. If you want more permanent relief, you need to correct the misalignment in the first place.


How HyProCure Works

In a healthy foot, there is a small, naturally-occurring gap known as the sinus tarsi situated between the ankle bone and heel bone. However, in a foot affected by talotarsal displacement, that gap has collapsed, throwing the joint out of alignment.

HyProCure is a specially designed titanium stent that is inserted into a naturally occurring gap between the ankle bone and a heel bone. This keeps from sinus tarsi from collapsing, and because your whole body is interconnected, it also corrects painful misalignments throughout the feet, legs, hips, and back, too. As your body heals from the procedure, the scar tissue that forms around the grooves in the stent lock it into place.

The procedure requires only a small incision (usually less than one inch long) and takes about 20 minutes.

Why Choose HyProCure?

HyProCure can be compared with both custom orthotics and a more traditional rearfoot surgery as a treatment option for hyperpronation. It has significant advantages over both approaches.

Custom orthotics are the gold standard option for non-invasive care, and can bring significant relief. But they don’t correct the fundamental problem with your feet, and they only work when you’re wearing them. You might need multiple sets of orthotics for different shoes, and you won’t get any assistance when barefoot.

If your orthotics aren’t really providing the level of pain relief you need, or you just want a more permanent solution, then we would consider surgery. In this realm, HyProCure is a dramatic improvement over a traditional rearfoot reconstruction in almost every conceivable way. That includes a smaller incision, faster healing, faster return to wearing normal shoes and normal weight-bearing activity, less scarring, and more.

To learn more about this amazing treatment procedure, or to set up an appointment with Dr. Joel Foster in Lee’s Summit, MO, please reach out to us online or give our office a call at (816) 246-4222. You may also review published studies as well as a handy patient guidebook.