Advanced Treatments for Foot Pain

Jul 14, 2017

Kids today have no idea what an LP record is, nor an 8-track tape, dial phone, or typewriter—we could go on, but the point is technology continues to advance at the speed of light, and that couldn’t be any truer than in the medical industry. Problems that may have needed surgery in the past can now be addressed with minimally invasive methods and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Joel Foster takes pride in staying atop the latest medical technologies, providing a number of advanced treatments for foot pain and injuries.

Our therapeutic laser therapy, for instance, uses concentrated light to target damaged tissues and stimulate cellular repair and regeneration. At the same time, the laser reduces pain and inflammation, and accelerates the healing process. From heel pain to muscle strains to nerve damage, a wide range of conditions can benefit from this innovative approach. Fungal toenails can be treated with a different type of laser therapy, too.

Another advanced treatment for foot pain that we provide is called HyProCure. This minimally invasive surgical procedure can correct misaligned bones in the back of your ankle  –  a common condition that may have required major reconstructive surgery in the past, but can now be addressed with just a small incision and surgical tool!

Even orthotic shoe inserts have come a long way, now customizable to fit the exact contours of your feet and address your individual needs.

The benefits of these high-tech treatments are numerous, including lower risk, faster recovery, less scarring, reduced pain – again, we could go on, but like we said, the point is technology continues to advance, and you can count on Dr. Joel Foster to keep up with it so he can keep your feet and ankles healthy, safe, and strong!

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