Do I Need Custom Orthotics

Apr 18, 2017

Foot pain is something of an epidemic in modern society, so it’s no surprise that shoe inserts are big business these days. You’ve probably seen all kinds of “orthotic insoles” lining store shelves and advertised on TV. You might even have a friend or two who got fitted for an expensive pair of custom orthotics by their podiatrist.

For someone who isn’t an expert, this can all be very confusing. You understand that you have foot pain, but do all these devices really work? If they do, are custom orthotics worth the extra cost versus their off-the-shelf cousins? How can you tell?

To answer that question, let’s first step back and look at why so many people are dealing with foot pain in the first place. In short, unlike our ancestors of centuries ago, we spend all day on surfaces that are flat, hard, and unforgiving. For many of us, our feet just don’t cope very well. Minor flaws in foot structure or biomechanical movement can now cause a lot of pain and distress.

Any kind of shoe insert, from the cheapest prefabricated insoles to the most advanced custom orthotics, are an attempt at solving this problem. They seek to provide the extra cushioning and support your feet might need to get through the day without pain. But, obviously, they aren’t all created equal. And making it even more complicated, a device that works really well for a neighbor or friend might be completely useless or even counter-productive for you.

What you need is an expert who can cut through all the complicated technical information and marketing hype and set you up with orthotics that will actually work for you. That’s where we come in.

Every foot is different, and we specialize in determining what your feet need to work correctly. Sometimes, that means you really are going to require custom orthotics to get the results you need. Although they’re more expensive up front, the fact that they are personalized from the ground up allows them to treat a wider variety of conditions, and makes them substantially more effective against particularly tough or chronic pain.

However, it may well be the case that custom orthotics aren’t necessary for the type of pain you’re experiencing, and a mass-produced insole can do the job adequately. That’s why we also carry a selection of prefabricated orthotics in our office, made by brands we trust. That way, we can set you up with a device that we know is going to be right for you, and can even make a few adjustments in our office to help them work even better. You get a quality product with a more personalized fit at a very affordable cost—typically around $50.

You don’t have to be confused about orthotics any longer. If your feet hurt, let us help you evaluate your options honestly and get the treatment you need. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Joel D. Foster in Lee’s Summit, MO, please give us a call today at (816) 246-4222.