Advanced Treatment Options

The field of medicine is always changing. As a practitioner, if you aren’t constantly learning new techniques and incorporating new technologies and treatments into your practice, you won’t be able to provide your patients with the quality of care they deserve.

At our office, we are proud to offer a variety of advanced treatment options for our patients. Some are helping us treat even the most stubborn pain conservatively, fixing problems that would have required surgery just a few years ago. Others are providing new surgical solutions to common problems that dramatically shorten recovery times and reduce the pain, risk, and life disruption compared to older procedures.

Treatment with TechnologyFrom heel pain and bunions to flat feet, foot wounds, sports injuries, and more, we are able to help our patients with pain better than ever before. Below, you can learn more about some of the advanced technologies and procedures we offer.

Therapeutic Laser Therapy

No, it’s not science fiction. Laser therapy is an advanced treatment option within the category of regenerative medicine. The laser uses a safe, non-invasive beam of light tuned to a precise wavelength—980nm—that can penetrate deep into damaged tissues. The light stimulates cellular activity to fight inflammation and repair injuries at a rapid pace. In essence, it helps your body to heal itself better.

Conditions that can be treated with laser therapy include sprains, strains, tendinitis, heel pain, neuromas or nearly any inflammatory foot pain. It is a 100% conservative treatment that requires no incisions and no drugs, doesn’t cause any pain, and has no known side effects. Because our laser is one of the most powerful available, with a peak power of 30W, it can offer greatly reduced treatment times and even stimulate healing in hard tissues such as bone.


HyProCure treatment is a minimally invasive surgical procedure designed to correct a common misalignment in the bones in the back of your feet. When your ankle rolls too far inward with each step, it throws not only your feet, but your entire standing skeletal system out of alignment. Common consequences include flat feet, bunions, knee pain, hip pain, and back pain.

Using a small incision (less than an inch long), we place a small titanium stent in the natural space between the ankle bone and the heel bone. This significantly corrects the biomechanics of the feet by preventing the ankle bone from rolling too far inward when you step.

Previously, a fix like this would have required a major rearfoot reconstructive surgery, with a lengthy recovery window. However, the HyProCure procedure only takes about 20 minutes, and most patients are back on their feet and walking within a week or two. Because your body posture will dramatically improve virtually instantly, it may take a few more months for your bones, muscles, and ligaments to fully adjust to the corrected position.

Regenerative Injection Therapy

You’ve probably heard of cortisone shots before—maybe you’ve even had one before when you were dealing with a painful injury. While cortisone can be effective for temporary pain relief, it doesn’t address the real causes of your pain and won’t help you heel. If you’ve been in pain for months, it’s a band-aid solution.

However, advanced regenerative medicine therapies are providing injections that do address the root causes of chronic pain and give your tissues the nutrients and cellular materials they need to repair themselves. We use an injection made from voluntarily donated umbilical cord tissue, which is loaded with growth factors, nutrient-rich proteins, stem cells, and other components your body needs to heal. Better yet, it’s fast and easy—in most cases only a single injection is needed to provide an accelerated healing effect.

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